President Obama spells out insanity of government shutdown over Obamacare

President Obama stepped to the podium in the White House rose garden this morning to address both the government shutdown and the opening of the new Insurance Marketplace established as part of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). He minced no words about who shut the government down and why. He indicated that it is one faction of one party in one branch of government that has decided to “demand ransom”. “They’re shutting down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health care to many Americans. They are demanding ransom just for doing their job,” The President made it … Read More

Manning sentenced for exposing hypocrisy and causing embarrassment

  As a pre-note to this article, Bradley Manning announced today that he is seeking gender reassignment therapy and seeks to live as a woman named Chelsea.  Because of his courage at the hands of incredible injustice, we will honor his request in this and all subsequent articles. Private Chelsea Manning was sentenced yesterday to 35 years in a military prison yesterday, pending final military review of the sentencing.  With credit for the three years already served, additional credit for “harsh treatment” he suffered while incarcerated, and parole possibilities, it’s possible that Manning could only serve 8 more years.  She … Read More

Turbulent times in Egypt symbolic of a fledgling democracy

As of the posting of this article, the death toll in Egypt’s ongoing struggle for democracy is at or above 700 people, with more than 4,000 injured.  These numbers reflect 48 hours of intense conflict to determine the future leadership of a nation that has spent generation under totalitarian rule. As we watch from here, we find it barbaric, like cavemen fighting over fire with clubs and rocks.  What we fail to realize is that history has shown us that no democratic republic is established without intense conflict. Casualty figures from the Revolutionary War vary widely, based in large part … Read More

Thanks and rememberance on Thanksgiving Day

We wake up and begin preparations to be with friends and family, to watch football and eat entirely too much food.  It is Thanksgiving Day, a day when we take a moment to recognize all that we have to be thankful for at a time when we spend so much time lamenting what we don’t have. But this Thanksgiving day also gives us reason to pause and remember one of the darkest days in the nation’s history, November 22nd, 1963.  The day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. In 1963, the nation was being conditioned to … Read More

Secession applications reveal bitterness and ignorance

Be careful what you wish for. This is a message that should be clearly given to residents in 40 states who have filed petitions on the White House website to secede from the union and form their own government. The White House website has a page entitled We the People that allows citizens to create or sign on to petitions that cover a vast array of items.  Once a petition garners 25,000 votes, it can be reviewed for consideration. The petition filings comes in the wake of President Barack Obama defeating GOP nominee Mitt Romney in last week’s Presidential election … Read More

Voter turnout key to election victory

  The debates are done.  The final stretch of campaigning will be a mad dash to try and sway what looks to be about 10% of likely voters who are still waiting to decide who they will cast their vote for. The final result, however, may boil down to one simple premise, voter turnout. In 2008, voter turnout was considered to be historic when President Barack Obama defeated Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).  Historic meant that just over 57% of all people who were at least voting age at the time of the voter registration deadline.  This number, of course, includes … Read More

New year, new hope, new direction, new beginning

As we close in on the end of another year, we are met with the typical set of resolutions and reflections for the year to come and the year that was. No sense in bucking that trend, so here we go with a slight look back and a hopeful look forward. 2011 started with Republicans regaining control of the House and eliminating what marginal advantage Democrats held in the Senate.  A wave of Tea Party candidates in the House pledged they would attack the debt, Obamacare and unemployment. 11 months later, the only thing these extreme ideologues have attacked is … Read More

Right wing resorts to bigotry to combat Occupy movement

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) started the name calling shortly following the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement, when he spoke of the peaceful protesters as a “growing mob”.  Last week, it began to take on familiar right wing spin, citing anti semitic motives, but these pointless, baseless attacks have had absolutely no affect on the movement. So now they have pulled out the easiest right wing attack tactic that rallies opposition from the ignorant masses.  The movement is backed by radical Islamists. Conservative blog wrote that the Center for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has joined the Occupy Wall … Read More

Cantor comments reflect GOP hypocrisy

What’s good for the goose is apparently not good for the Cantor. Silly twist on a phrase aside, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va) has called out the people who are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, expressing concerns about growing “mobs”.  “Some in Washington have actually condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans” Cantor said in his speech at the Value Voters Summit in Washington D.C., an event that gathers the religious right to help promote their “values” based agenda in upcoming elections. Cantor was referring to the fact that, among others, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has … Read More

Libyan liberation only the first step on a long road

You hear the catch phrases all the time.  “Freedom isn’t free”, or “the cost of freedom” are two of the more popular ones. For the people of Libya, the process of liberation has certainly proven those statements true. Now that it appears the totalitarian regime of Moammar Ghaddafi (spell his last name however you see fit) is about to crumble and be permanently removed from power, they also need to understand that this is just the first step, and peace and prosperity will not be instantaneous. The rebel forces made tremendous advances over the last few days, culminating with them … Read More