View of Arizona after Religious Freedom bill still terrible

There was jubilation in the plaza of the Arizona capitol on Wednesday after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) vetoed SB1062, the so called Religious Freedom Bill. But was the jubilation justified? In interview after interview, Republican lawmakers, both federal and national, indicated that after the backlash became national news, they decided it would be bad for business or it would paint Arizona in a bad light, or the language of the bill was a bit too broad and left too much potential for negative interpretation.  In one news report, the anchor indicated that people thought twice about the bill after … Read More

Senate deal to end shutdown and avoid default now falls to House GOP

In one of the least surprising events in recent memory, the Senate has reached a last minute, bipartisan agreement to both avoid default and end the government shutdown after sixteen pointless days. Both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) indicated that the deal wasn’t what their side had hoped for, but it was better than had been feared or proposed by their opponents on the other side of the aisle. This is the language used to prepare constituents on both sides for disappointment when the details are revealed. And while Senators from the … Read More

President Obama wins second term in decisive election

Over the last few weeks, all of the polls showed a near dead heat in the race for President between President Barack Obama and GOP Nominee Mitt Romney.  In the end, the polls were generally right state by state, and in the national popular vote, but President Obama was re-elected in convincing fashion, earning a second term and the opportunity to finish what he started. With Florida’s votes still being counted (sounds familiar), President Obama currently has 303 electoral votes.  Florida looks like it will go to the President, along with its 29 electoral votes, giving the President a final … Read More

Uncovering the myths of another e-mail attack on Obamacare

Not long ago, I posted an e-mail about the increase in rhetoric filled e-mail I was seeing from conservatives trying everything they can to make sure President Obama doesn’t win a second term. Well, I got another one yesterday, and I decided it makes sense to point out the fallacies in these e-mails in a public format, then hit “reply all” in the e-mail and try to at least make sure that those with a mind to think on their own will see the laughable nonsense in this type of e-mail. I get lots of e-mails with either inspiring stories, … Read More

Conservative e-mail rhetoric heats up as election nears

Opening my e-mail this weekend reminded me how close the election is getting.  In 2008, as the election grew near, the amount of simply pathetic conservative e-mail rhetoric I received bordered on staggering. Once the election was over, it still trickled in for awhile, but ultimately died down, as there was no longer an election to be won by spreading lies and hatred, a key election strategy of conservatives. Fast forward four years, and the prospect of President Obama winning re-election has the conservatives back in the business of digital fear and hate. I received this over the weekend; If … Read More

The impact, or lack thereof, of political blogging

For the past few years, I have written articles for political blogging sites attempting to raise awareness, to inform and educate people about the political process and navigate through the lies and the rhetoric that are sold as truth to people who don’t spend more than 5 minutes a day hearing news headlines sold to them by entertainers and messengers of both sides of the political spectrum. People consistently reminded me that discussing politics and religion are the quickest ways to shrink your social circle. My feeling was we simply couldn’t continue to lay down and allow a handful of … Read More

Romney Olympic gaffe in UK a waste of news coverage

It was clearly a slow news day yesterday.  Flipping through the media outlets to see what people were discussing yesterday, the same topic kept coming up, the Romney Olympic gaffe. Talk show hosts with panels of guests analyzing his alleged misstatement, then breaking down his “backtracking” and trying to use this as some measuring tool for how he would handle foreign policy and leaders of nations like China. The Brits are allies, friends and loyal supporters.  If you can’t go there without irritating people, how would you ever handle meeting leaders from Russia, Afghanistan, Syria, or other regions that aren’t … Read More

Wisconsin recall vote delivers message of apathy

Last night, the voters of Wisconsin dealt a significant blow to the working class in their state, and potentially to the progressive cause as a whole by voting to retain GOP poster boy Gov. Scott Walker. The Wisconsin recall was a referendum itself on how elections would be shaped.  Walker, with anti-union money pouring in to the tune of over $30 million, beat Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who only raised just under $4 million,  53+% – 46+% on Tuesday night.  The wide gap in spending vs. the narrow gap in election results is a hollow victory at best. MSNBC’s Rachel … Read More

Bad unemployment news welcome boost for conservatives

The unemployment rate bumped up to 8.2% today, as job creation slowed for the first time in almost a year, raising yet again fears of a double dip recession. The news had to be greeted with cheers by conservatives, who are still looking for any edge they can find before the presidential debates start later this year. The economy will unquestionably be the number one issue as Americans head to the polls in November, and with consistent, albeit slow, economic and job growth over the past two years, President Obama could easily make a case that in spite of every … Read More

Contraception debate illustrates conservative hypocrisy

How many times have you heard a conservative (fundamentalist or other) speak about a pregnant person on welfare and say something like “perhaps if you can’t hold a job, getting pregnant isn’t the best life choice for you.”? In fact, it is one of the principal methods for controlling the costs of social programs in the eyes of many conservatives.  “Stop them from having kids and maybe we can afford the program again.” We’re all well aware of the fundamentalist position on abortion, so it would seem the logical solution would be making contraception affordable for all, right? Not according … Read More